The Editor

IMG_5112Robyn L. Norwood is a Developmental Editor who works with nonfiction authors to help them organize, refine and present their very best manuscripts to desired publishers.

She believes every author needs an editor no matter their genre or experience level and every editor needs one too regardless of their track record which is why she doesn’t work alone, but has chosen and educated team to work alongside.

Robyn has worked with nearly 60 authors to nurture the writing, editing and publishing process and lead them to success. She has done this by way of three platforms: her free quarterly writer’s workshop, Gathering of Messengers, teaching to college-level students and most commonly through the platform of Norwood Publications, LLC.

Robyn is a dedicated member of the American Copy Editors Society: the nation’s leading organization of editing professionals. Robyn works with authors who choose to communicate their messages through common language and true to life experiences.